May 1995 seventeen Caterpillar Dealers attended a meeting at The Log Cabin located at Whayne Supply. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen Used Parts dealers and to improve idea sharing within the Caterpillar Used Parts dealer organization. Those in attendance were in agreement that Caterpillar dealers could accomplish more through unity, by encouraging all Cat dealers to participate and work together as an Association. Hence, CDUPA was formed. Today, many Cat dealers in the used parts business are members of CDUPA and the list is growing!

Since its inception, CDUPA members have strived to create a quality standard, improve communications, and work toward common goals.


2004 brought changes to the Association in the form of amendments; the original Mission Statement was revised from "We are committed to working together to improve communications and support action that will enhance product support opportunities for all Cat Dealers".  The new Mission Statement better details the goals set by the Cat Dealers involved in CDUPA.  In addition, many of the bylaws were modified, further defining membership duties and board member roles.

As of 2006, over 65 dealerships are involved, with 20% of dealer territories outside of North America.

CDUPA would like to thank all of the members for their continuing support. Strong participation promotes growth!